ZENCO  understands that every collections situation is unique, and some delinquent accounts are easier to resolve than others. ZENCO  is committed to the highest level of integrity. Our highly trained and experienced collection personnel are specialists in their field. Doing so reduces complaints, maintains your image and improves your chances of retaining your customer.

Final Notice - Collections AgencyZENCO  hires only the highest quality collection specialists, each who understands the variances of specific markets.

Outlined below are the Services we specialize in:

Immediate Collection Service

Upon the receipt our client’s accounts, ZENCO  will assign each of your accounts to one of our collection specialist. The initial letters will automatically be sent out according to federal laws and our client’s specifications. The collector will then immediately contact your customer to attempt to collect the balance and any additional interest or service charges, where applicable.

Legal Services

Our legal services include a vast networking of legal representation throughout the United States.

Customized Performance Reports

Performance reports provide our clients with recovery percentages and enable them to review overall performance. Reports can be customized to fit each client’s individual specifications. These reports can be prepared on an as needed basis or submitted intermittently.

Comprehensive Status Reports

Our staff understands how important it is to keep our clients informed on all accounts assigned.  Status reports can be created and provided via hard copy at times designated by our clients.

Skip Tracing

ZENCO utilizes numerous databases included internet search engines in order to locate debtors thus increasing percentage of recovery for our clients.