ZENCO  uses the Ultimate Collector System by Columbia Ultimate Business System

Zenco Collects - Technology in ActionThe Ultimate Collector System is full-service credit collection software.  Collectors have immediate access to creditor screens that contains all the creditor demographic information, credit bureau reports, client notes and all other information provided by client. Working hand in hand with your primary collection solution, Ultimate Compliance can help you manage agent data/history, monitor key compliance processes, track complaints, improve training systems, store related documents and maintain a central system for managing your organization’s compliance requirements.

ZENCO  uses Verint/Mercom’s Audiolog Recording Platform

Audiolog ™ by Verint ® (formerly Mercom) is a complete, open architecture system for recording, archiving, and playing back multi-media conversations. Audiolog integrates seamlessly into contact centers and public safety environments, either as a standalone recorder/playback unit, or as a dedicated server in an established network. This system is capable of recording all of our collectors so they can be monitored for compliance with our client’s working standards and all governing regulations. Verint’s Audiolog enables us to playback, monitor, view, manage, and record on-demand.

ZENCO  uses PGP Data Transfer Software

The PGP Encryption Platform provides an enterprise encryption framework for shared user and key management, policy, and provisioning that is automated across multiple, integrated encryption applications. Integrated PGP Corporation and third-party encryption applications enable organizations to deploy automated encryption as needed, with the data security functions required to solve the business requirement.

ZENCO  uses Custom Interfacing Capabilities

Our Custom Interfacing Capabilities gives us the ability to work with or program a custom interface to work with all types of data platforms. Having the ability to make custom programs insures compatibility with all of our client’s computer needs.